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Things I think I’ll like about Jekyll

22 Dec 2008 – Johannesburg

Well, it’s been all of ten minutes. No wait, maybe fifteen. Anyway, with that much exposure to it, this is a real first impressions type post. But here’s what seems cool thus far.

Uses Git (and integrates with GitHub)

I like the fact that I can edit blog posts from TextMate. I think a big reason for me never blogging is the fact that I have to think of going to my Wordpress site, logging into the admin section, and then composing a new entry. Now, this doesn’t sound like much work (it really isn’t), but I suppose I’m lazy, and so being able to do things from TextMate (which – on my machine – is open 95% of the time) makes the workflow just that little bit cleaner. Plus, I can push the changes out to GitHub with just a couple of keystrokes.

Admittedly, this is not solely a Jekyll feature, since much of it’s utility depends on GitHub… Still, I’m viewing Jekyll from the angle of GitHub pages, so I think it’s a fair point.

You can hack on it. Easily

The code for this blog is pretty much straight HTML or Textile, with maybe 2 loops (using Liquid) to display the list of blog posts. You can’t get simpler than that.


Okay, so that’s only two points. But what more could you ask for in a blogging engine? Basically, the features TPW wanted it to have are really useful, and seem to be exactly what I need to start blogging more often. Time will tell I suppose.

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